iPhone 7 Press Photo

Apple’s iPhone 7, Series 2 Apple Watch, Wireless Earphones and more…

Apple Event – September 2016 Apple’s WWDC September 2016 took place on September 7th, yesterday as of the writing of this article. Included here are the most prominent updates and things that you should know about what went down. read more

/ September 8, 2016

iOS 10 Beta: Everything you need to know

iOS 10 Beta: Things I thought you should know. iOS 10 isn’t out for the public just yet, but I’ve gotten my hands on the beta. So here’s everything I think you should know about iOS 10. read more

/ August 18, 2016

Saying goodbye to Hangouts on Air

Google is discontinuing Google+ Hangouts on Air Google+ Hangouts on Air was a method of livestreaming to Google’s social network Google+ and pass it over to YouTube. It had quite unique features including the ability to bring many people into one broadcast...

/ August 17, 2016
IO 2016

Google I/O 2016!

Google I/O 2016 Google’s recent conference consisted of some extremely interesting and notable announcements. Here’s a recap video that basically sums up the whole conference in 10 minutes. read more

/ May 20, 2016
Copy of Gadget Roundup

Gadget Roundup – May 2016

The Bahrain This Month Gadget Roundup for May 2016 read more

/ May 14, 2016
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The Best Email Client

The Best Email Client Click here to find out more about Nylas N1 read more

/ February 18, 2016

Improve Your Videos – Lighting

Improve your videos with lighting One of the ways in which people can improve their video content is by using lighting. In the above video I explain lighting, and how vital it can be for your videos. read more

/ February 13, 2016
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Topics for your videos!

Ever struggled to come up with video topics?! Today is the end of that day. Click here to visit VideoMarketingTopics.com  read more

/ February 5, 2016

2015’s Past, 2016’s Future

2015’s Past, 2016’s Future. This video is just a little recap about what happened last year, and some of the stuff that I have planned for this year. For a more ‘in-depth’ description of what I have planned for 2016...

/ January 21, 2016

The Future of ThePhotographyBlog in 2016

2015 has been a great year, but now that it’s coming to an end I’d like to show you what happened with ThePhotographyBlog in 2015. And what I plan for 2016.  read more

/ December 30, 2015