iOS 10 Beta: Everything you need to know

iOS 10 Beta: Things I thought you should know. iOS 10 isn’t out for the public just yet, but I’ve gotten my hands on the beta. So here’s everything I think you should know about iOS 10. read more

/ August 18, 2016

Saying goodbye to Hangouts on Air

Google is discontinuing Google+ Hangouts on Air Google+ Hangouts on Air was a method of livestreaming to Google’s social network Google+ and pass it over to YouTube. It had quite unique features including the ability to bring many people into one broadcast...

/ August 17, 2016
IO 2016

Google I/O 2016!

Google I/O 2016 Google’s recent conference consisted of some extremely interesting and notable announcements. Here’s a recap video that basically sums up the whole conference in 10 minutes. read more

/ May 20, 2016
Copy of Gadget Roundup

Gadget Roundup – May 2016

The Bahrain This Month Gadget Roundup for May 2016 read more

/ May 14, 2016
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The Best Email Client

The Best Email Client Click here to find out more about Nylas N1 read more

/ February 18, 2016

Improve Your Videos – Lighting

Improve your videos with lighting One of the ways in which people can improve their video content is by using lighting. In the above video I explain lighting, and how vital it can be for your videos. read more

/ February 13, 2016
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Topics for your videos!

Ever struggled to come up with video topics?! Today is the end of that day. Click here to visit  read more

/ February 5, 2016

2015’s Past, 2016’s Future

2015’s Past, 2016’s Future. This video is just a little recap about what happened last year, and some of the stuff that I have planned for this year. For a more ‘in-depth’ description of what I have planned for 2016...

/ January 21, 2016

The Future of ThePhotographyBlog in 2016

2015 has been a great year, but now that it’s coming to an end I’d like to show you what happened with ThePhotographyBlog in 2015. And what I plan for 2016.  read more

/ December 30, 2015

The Google+ Redesign

Google+, the social platform recently completely changed the look of its platform on both Android, iOS, and even the Web. read more

/ December 6, 2015